Episode 412: Now Entering: The Fourth Era of Banking

In This Episode

Exciting day on Breaking Banks – we have a new regular host – Amber Buker. Now if that name sounds familiar its because she works with JP and I at Alloy Labs as head of insights. Her work is phenomenal and we asked ourselves why we weren’t sharing her with the world. Well now we are… in the second half of the show you’ll get to hear her first episode. In the first half I talk to Joe Welu, Founder & CEO of Total Expert talk about how picking the right partner is your key to success. Actually, Joe points out that is a myth. Understanding the problems you are trying to solve and investing the energy to evolve what you offer post implementation is what differentiates a partner from a vendor.
John Maxfield is a Senior Banking Specialist at The Motley Fool and Executive Director of the Wilmers Integrity Prize. In the second segment, we interviewed John about what he’s termed the fourth era of American banking, what the personal lives of the best leaders have to teach us, and what the analysts get wrong about assessing bank performance.

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