Episode 394: Follow the Money

In This Episode

If you have any U.S. currency in your wallet right now, there’s a good chance that you have the signature of today’s guest in the lower left corner of the bills. In the first segment, JP hosts Rosie Rios who was the 43rd Treasurer of the United States, serving during the darkest days of the financial crisis. They talk about “Unicorn Hunters”, her business reality show that is on a mission to democratize access to wealth and why visibility and value are the keys to making this happen.

After the break, Jason Mikula joins me from his fintech perch in Amsterdam to talk about fees, the future of fintech business models and my dim future in rapping.This episode is also brought to you by FintechDevcon. In the fintech world, developers often feel overlooked. With hundreds of conferences in the fintech space, there’s never been a place dedicated to the brilliant minds building fintech. That is, until now, Fintech Devcon, the first-ever fintech conference for developers, by developers. Join renowned developers from companies like CashApp, Plaid, VISA, Dwolla, Chime, and more in Denver, Colorado, September 8th & 9th. Attendees will experience hands-on workshops, hear technical talks, and actually get to rub elbows with the best and brightest fintech developers. That’s Fintech Devcon. Tickets go on sale June 30th. Discounts available for students and pre-series A startups. Visit fintechdevcon.io for more information.

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