Episode 382: Algorithms and AI: The Good, the Bad, and the Myth

In This Episode

In this AI episode of Breaking Banks, JP Nicols hosts Alfred Cowger author of The Threats of Algorithms and A.I. to Civil Rights, Legal Remedies, and American Jurisprudence: One Nation Under Algorithms. JP and Al explore AI and algorithmic models and the intense policy debates surrounding the legality of, and liability for, these advanced machine learning applications.

Then enjoy a special compilation of the best AI moments in Breaking Banks history. We begin with AI and Robots- Brett King hosts Ben Goertzel to learn about Sophia the social humanoid robot. We hear from Greg Cross of Soulmachines to learn how AI can be used for good and are digital humans the answer? To close, we discuss fintech and the Forth age with author Byron Reese to explore smart robots and conscious computers. 

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