Tech’s Role in the Shut In

BREAKING BANKS - EPISODE 332: Tech’s Role in the Shut In

Crowd favorites Brian Roemmelle and Robert Scoble are back this week to talk about how tech is being utilized to help us through the coronavirus shut-in, and which technologies are likely to become long term influences as some behaviors stick around beyond recovery. From zoom to VR, what tech is keeping you sane and working?

[3:16] Yobie Benjamin helped donate two million tests to Wuhan, China. They continued to use those test kits in China and also in Korea.
[5:18] Yobie Benjamin and John Nosta explain how coronavirus testing helps to identify the sick and the well. So that way, the sick can self-isolate, and then those who are well can have semi-normal lives.
 [6:10] Adequate COVID-19 testing would mean a much better idea of mortality rates and determining how many people are going to require urgent medical care and respirator demand.
[8:57] Does fighting COVID-19 come back to the basics of isolating people, getting people masks, cleaning surfaces, and most importantly, doing as much testing as possible?
[39:40] Jason Henrichs hits on the necessity to meet the rapidly evolving needs of customers. The changes that may be needed not only for commercial customers but an aging population as well.
[40:42] Chris Nichols delves into the ability to manage and support employees that are working remotely and in branches during the coronavirus pandemic. How is technology helping?
[42:00] Chris Nichols and Jill Castilla discuss the importance of maintaining open lines of communication at all times during and following the COVID-19.
[44:13] Developing a business continuity plan and highlighting Chris Nichols’ Centerstate Blog, in particular the COVID-19 playbook.
[46:00] Noting that in black swan events when we see volatility spike up it’s time to get nervous and start making plans.
[48:00] It’s vital to leverage technologies for internal use as well as getting more customers on online banking and mobile banking.
[49:30] Jill Castilla outlines the technology Citizens Bank has provided to businesses, so that they have access to deposits and cash.
[52:15] Chris Nichols chats about now understanding the need to invest more in electronic payments and move away from cash and checks.
[53:10] Jason Henrichs ponders if it is time to invest more in cloud based technologies?
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