Episode 177: Money2020 Europe – Sneak Peek

At this point, we’re assuming you might be into exploring the financial services ecosystem? If so – then this is no news for you, Money2020 Europe is happening next week, and we’re ready for it. Before it all goes down, Don Ginsel – himself based in Amsterdam, takes the pod to talk to Tracey Davies and Scarlett Sieber – the two big orchestrators behind the most interactive and meaningful experience in Europe for the industry. Which talks, which speakers, the tools, the spaces, the beach! (yes, you read it right) – this and much MUCH more, next week in Amsterdam and through our podcast live coverage on all social media and streaming platforms.

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Money20/20 Europe Tickets

(As mentioned in the episode)

  • Man vs Machine: Algorithmic Bias with ex-Twitter Exec, Rumman Chowdhury
  • Who Cares Wins: Nurturing Champions with Activist Lily Cole & Tracey Davies
  • Banking On It: HSBC UK CEO Ian Stuart
  • Creating Dynamism in Financial Services: LSE CEO Julia Hoggett and FCA Executive Sheldon Mills
  • This is the Sound of Payments with Monica Millares
    JUNE 7:
  • An iDEAL Move? Can EPI Change the Way Europe Pays? with Don Ginsel
  • Soaring: The Money20/20 RiseUp Story

Breaking Banks Europe @ MoneyPot Stage:

  • JUN 6 – Francesca Aliverti & Lewis Buchanan (OnlyFans)
  • JUN 7 – Matteo Rizzi & Mirna Sleiman (Fintech Galaxy)
  • JUN 8 – Don Ginsel & Iana Dimitrova (OpenPayd)

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