Episode 15: Ecosystem Zoom in Series: The Italian Case

In this episode, BBE doubles-down on the Italian ecosystem one that has lagged behind the European “big shots” for a while but has been picking up quite some speed and is developing its very own breed of Fintech.

Demetrio Migliorati from Mediolanum Bank explained to us how their blockchain project with R3’s Corda is an example of ecosystem cooperation and how it can drive it forward. Demetrio’s attention is also on the importance of improving the capacity of Italy to attract investments, a topic we deeply care about. so does Alberto Garuccio, one of the catalysts and leaders of the Reale Lab 1828 in Turin, a true innovation hub, initiative of the Reale Mutua Group, that is tackling the complex field (minefield one could say!) of insurance in Italy. Alberto’s aim is to keep making waves in the sector and is looking to leverage the trends emerging in the ‘18-’28 decade to improve lives at 360°.