Episode 103 – WebSummit Take Over: Portugal FinTech Update 2021

The WebSummit came and went, but we have several different “knowledge bites” to showcase in our podcast for the coming weeks, products of the exceptional stakeholder that were (or still are) in Portugal for this year’s edition of this incredible event. We start by providing some context – why exactly is Portugal relevant (with a little update from episode 17 – in case you were already one of our listeners), and follow up with the benefits of being in Portugal, why is such a desirable location currently for new companies and iniciatives to “set up shop”, the reversed brain drain observe in the past years, and the interesting relationship between the worldwide Portuguese community in strengthening their commonalities, resources and possibilities through language to leverage their individual nations. None of this is parallel to aspects such as regulation, financial inclusion, digital absorption, funding – always present in our ecosystem zoom-in shows.

Meet the guests!

António Dias Martins
Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/antonio-dias-martins-19300319/
Startup Portugal: https://startupportugal.com/

Pedro Santos Vieira – Partner, Shilling Capital Partners
Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/santosvieira/
500 Startups: 500.com
Shilling Capital Partners: shilling.vc