Serial Intrapreneur

Serial Intrapreneur is about the leaders who battle the status quo inside their own companies to innovate and drive change.

It’s hard to distract from today’s successes to experiment and try new things that are unproven, yet businesses that win over long periods invest to create new strategic options for themselves. It’s the classic “Innovator’s Dilemma”, and it’s only natural that companies develop powerful corporate antibodies to seek and destroy new ideas that don’t conform to the conventional culture. On the Serial Intrapreneur podcast, we tell the stories of those who take on these forces to create new solutions and better ways of doing things.

Jill Castilla: Saving a Bank

Jill Castilla went home to save her family bank. She saw first hand how a successful, trustworthy institution could be brought to the brink of ruin. Working from a strong sense of duty, and trying to keep a sense of humor, she worked through all the problems at Citizen Edmonds Bank in Edmonds Oklahoma. It…

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Aaron Phethean: Thinking is action

Aaron Phethean has always liked to tinker.  He grew up in a relatively small town and he spent a lot of his childhood building his own projects from spare parts-  bikes, rockets, etc.   He was given time to think, identify problems, and come up with solutions.  That is basically what his job at Temenos…

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Megan Caywood: Platform Builder

Megan Caywood’s strength is her ability to see 3 moves ahead.  As Chief Platform Officer of Starling Bank, she is helping to build one of the most innovative new banks in the UK.    Starling bank believes in building a strong core, and then extending it’s platform to fintech’s who bring their strengths to the…

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Devon Watson- No Patience for Standing Still

As Chief Marketing Officer for Diebold Nixdorf, Devon Watson has a restlessness for innovation, for failing fast, picking up, and creating circumstances of growth and ingenuity. It seems a bit of an odd fit for a company founded in 1859 in the Canton, Ohio.   When Diebold hired Devon, he had a history of constant…

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Dion Lisle- Bankers Rosetta Stone

Dion Lisle didn’t start out in financial services.  He didn’t start out in tech either.   So, how did he become the head of Fintech at Cap Gemeni?    How did he build a resume full of both start-up, entrepreneurial experience, and experience inside large organizations?  And when did he lose all his hair?  🙂…

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Duena Blomstrom- Get Shit Done

Duena Blomstrom is not known for having patience with inaction.  She likes to make decisions and move forward.  But she does have a keenly practical side and a  deep curiosity for what makes people work inside of organizations.  She uses her energy, drive, and insight to make big things happen in banking (an industry that…

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Anne Boden_Changing Banking Forever

Serial Intrapreneur is about the leaders who battle the status quo inside their own companies to innovate and drive change. We are so pleased to introduce the newest podcast in Provoke Media, the parent company of Breaking Banks- SERIAL INTRAPRENEUR with host JP Nicols. JP has been consulting and watching the innovation in Fintech for…

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