Can Banks Afford To Keep Their Customers

Typically, banks make their money off the top 20% of customers and lose money on the bottom 20%. Identifying customers that will help maximize their profits has become the mission of most banks, but is it as simple as always finding the right customer? Should banks reject customers that don’t increase their profitability and encourage them to use ever growing alternative financial services? Can banks help create customers that create greater customer profitability? Popular sentiment is go mobile. Why? Cause it is sexy. Cause it is what everyone is doing. AND because according to the latest surveys, mobile bankers tend to be more actively engaged with their money, and have the intent to continue to be more actively engaged throughout their financial history. Engaged customers can become profitable customers. BUT they may not be profitable customers yet. So what should you focus on in the meantime? Join Brett King and his guests Serge Milman of Optirate, and Ron Shevlin of Snarketing 2.0 as they discuss customer profitability and how it has to be considered in the business strategies that affect every part of banking- from the more traditional routes to the newly mobile masses.