Are Mobile Wallets On The Horizon Or Somewhere Over The Rainbow?

If mobile payments are the wave of the future, why haven’t we seen customers rush to make their phones their wallets? Everyone seems to agree that there is potential for mobile payments to be groundbreaking and far reaching, but if they are, why isn’t it growing faster, stronger, better? Why isn’t there an overwhelming market demand on all merchants to accept mobile payments. And why is the US Market particularly behind in mobile payment technologies? Many are looking to digital payment devices to bridge the divide between a purely mobile wallet and the merchants who have been slow to adopt mobile payment innovations. Join our Guest Host JIM MAROUS with The Financial Brand , will be speaking with Cherian Abraham, the Mobile and Commerce Payments Lead with Experian, and Will Graylin, CEO of Loop, to discuss payment devices, solutions to adoption of mobile wallets, and reasons to replace the costanza wallet.