Episode 551: This Spot Looks Soft

In This Episode

Soft landings are a topic of hot conversation these days. The go-go days where you can always raise another round are gone. The ecosystem is littered with companies with little product market fit, less revenue and even less runway. Many of these are looking for a soft spot to land. Unfortunately M&A is hard in the best of times and many fintechs are now looking to banks as a potential exit.

In the first half of today’s show, Jason Zaler, partner at Oliver Wyman, joins Jason Henrichs to discuss Oliver Wyman’s  new report on bank fintech M&A. In the second half,  Robert Antoniades, General Partner at Information Venture Partners, and Jason H talk about 3 decades of venture cycles and M&A more broadly including strategies for big banks, community banks, fintechs and even VCs.