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Michael Prins – Hacker for Good

YOU’VE BEEN HACKED.   Three words no  financial institution wants to hear.  Financial losses that might not be covered depending on whose at fault.  Answering to angry customers and regulators.  How do you guarantee that it won’t happen again.

Michiel Prins is a professional hacker, but instead of exploiting vulnerabilities, he is alerting companies to their vulnerabilities.   Michiel and his friends started coding as a kid, and began writing software programs as a teen.  As he progressed, he realized that software code almost always has minor mistakes- mistakes that can lead to security vulnerabilities.   He and his friends made a game of finding the mistakes.  They would then attempt to warn the companies.


Michiel Prins tries to make the internet safer one bounty at a time. All kidding aside, he has helped many organizations ranging from mid-sized companies to large enterprises and governments build out vulnerability disclosure processes and formalize bug bounty programs. Through HackerOne,  he has  been fortunate to work with organizations like Uber, Slack, Lufthansa, U.S. Department of Defense, General Motors and many others. He is passionate about Hacker-Powered Security. So if you see him speak publicly, you will hear him talk about the power of tapping hackers to improve the security of your software through vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty programs.


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