2 years ago

The Melbourne Fintech Hub

The Victorian government has established not one, but two FinTech Hubs to help support establishment of the next wave of successful FinTech Ventures. This week I speak with Alan Tsen, Victorian GM of Stone and Chalk who have been chartered by the Victorian Government to launch one of the two Victorian FinTech Hubs

We discuss the hub, what the next 3, 6 and 12 months are likely to look like, the catalysts, changes and opportunities to create in Australia, and specifically in Melbourne, something unique as a platform for successful FinTech innovation across Asia.

Over a couple of beers we also talk about the ecosystem, go beyond the Sydney/Melbourne narrative, discuss what is working and who we are watching, the cultural dynamics and what each of us expect to see in 2018, a year when the perfect storm of FinTech Disruption, AI, Blockchain, OpenBanking a Royal commission and new regulations all collide!

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