1 year ago

Jake Tyler: AI as Personal Financial Assistant

Jake Tyler wants you to control your money with the ease that you ask Alexa for the weather or Siri for the best ramen in town.   He and his partners have built Finn.ai.   Think Siri, or Google, but for banking.

So, why not use Siri or Google?   Finn.ai works exclusively with banks so it can truly access the data that the bank has.  It also increases the usability and improves the experience of the banks app.  Finn.ai’s natural voice recognition program has been trained in over a 1000 questions that have to do with your money, your accounts, your credit, all in an effort to help you.

AI could be the best kind of personal financial manager to bring professional, nonjudgmental service to those that need the service most.  Because AI has no judgement, humans can be more frank about their decisions with AI.  This helps eliminate a lot of the shame around money and financial decision making that can paralyze those who need the help most.

Jake and his team don’t want to disrupt your financial lives.  They want to enhance it.  They want to help banking institutions refocus to help the customer.   It is one example of how AI could be used to refocus life on humans over numbers.


Jake Tyler is the CEO of Finn.AI (formerly PAYSO).  He is the  1st employee & Director @ Brook Intelligence, a London based start-up providing outsourced secondary research to large law and accounting firms. In between start-ups I worked as a Strategy Consultant @ PMSI in London, mostly in M&A advisory.


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