1 year ago

Dion Lisle- Bankers Rosetta Stone

Dion Lisle didn’t start out in financial services.  He didn’t start out in tech either.   So, how did he become the head of Fintech at Cap Gemeni?    How did he build a resume full of both start-up, entrepreneurial experience, and experience inside large organizations?  And when did he lose all his hair?  🙂

We answer some of those questions in this episode of Serial Intrapreneur.

Starting out as a cook, Dion was a natural for management.  He hired people who knew what he didn’t.  He paid close attention to the changes that were happening in the world.  And he was never afraid to take the leap to try something new.   All of these are only part of the reason he is the successful Intrapreneur he is today.


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