Amber Buker

Episode 441: The Three Trillion Dollar Economic Opportunity Hiding in Plain Sight

Businesses founded by women deliver high revenue, and it’s no secret, closing the gender equity gap would lead to an increase in GDP. There are a lot of economic reasons to support gender equality, but what exactly does it mean, and how can leaders go about creating change so that we can all reap the…

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Episode 438: Getting into the Weeds with Regent Bank

In this episode, Breaking Banks host Amber Buker speaks with Keri Cain, SVP at Regent Bank. Personal experience shapes us all, but Keri’s experience and unique perspective is helping many and also Regent Bank build a new business line as architect of Regent’s multi-state cannabis banking operation. It’s a compelling episode, her background in retail,…

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Episode 437: Cyber Perspectives from a former FBI Agent & Mindfulness Coach

In this week’s episode of Breaking Banks host Amber Buker speaks with James Turgal, VP Optiv. As a former Assistant Director of the FBI Information and Technology Branch he’s worked it all. Cybersecurity and ransomware are top of mind, learn how collective defense and one act of collaboration can have an exponential effect on combating…

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Episode 434: Rethink What You Deliver: SX Roundup & Wild Ride in WA

We start this week’s show with a PSA for those unable to make it to Austin and SXSW.  You need only listen to host Jason Henrich’s recap to feel the energy and understand the value of looking at fintech through a different lens, the chance to discover burgeoning tech startups, and rethink opportunities for financial…

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Episode 426: Meet CHUCK

Everyone is talking about CHUCK. But who or what is CHUCK? CHUCK is none other than the newest payment method collaboratively developed by a consortium of community banks, for community banks, mid-sized institutions and credit unions, yes, credit unions! Listen as Amber Buker speaks with DJ Seeterlin, CIO, Chesapeake Bank and Julie Thurlow, CEO, Reading…

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Episode 422: Vision: Impact

As 2021 comes to a close we share recent conversations with several innovators filling unique needs. Nathaniel Harley from MANTL and Jesse Wedler from Capital G, a growth stage fund backed by Alphabet, on modernizing bank infrastructure and digital account opening in 3 minutes or less, started for neobanks but pivoted to fill a void…

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