Alt believes banking needs a reboot

Dominic (Dom) Pym and Anson Parker set out to reboot banking.   Actually, to hear them tell it, they are not in banking-  they are a tech company.  They shun the name Neo-bank.  But, as they were looking to build a new company, they were working with banks and realized that banks needed a reboot.  And like most good entrepreneurs, they fixed the problem that was in front of them.
Hence, we have Alt –  a reboot, and alternative, a do-over- to the customer experience in banking.   If a bank has traditionally been a gym, Alt wants to redesign it for you to have the option of a personal trainer, to help you build wealth and make the most of your money.

Alt has a waiting list right now.  You can sign up here. 


Dominic Pym has been involved in numerous start-ups and large scale Information Technology projects since the 90’s, in Australia and overseas.

Currently working on launching Alt (, a digital alternative to your current bank, built from the ground up to help you spend wisely and save effortlessly.

Dominic is also a co-founder of Ferocia, an extraordinary technology team re-imagining Internet banking (launched in 2014 with Bendigo Bank, Pin Payments (Australia’s first all-in-one online payments platform) and Clear Interactive (acquired in 2009 by NZX, operators of the New Zealand Stock Exchange and electricity markets).

Anson Parker has  been working in the internet industry since 1996. Having battled on the front-lines in most areas of web production, he has found product management to be my true calling…


Produced by Rachel Morrissey, Senior Producer, Provoke Media